Photo of owner family in frot of school house

Our Story

In 2018 Frank and Jerri Duarte had been looking at property to build on for retirement when they decided to stay at a little old school house in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  The owner had told them that it was for sale.  They went about looking at property and found the one they wanted. While on their search Frank kept thinking about the bed & breakfast. The realtor was talking about how wonderful it was to raise a family here but that you had to be creative with jobs.  Frank still couldn't stop thinking about what a great adventure it would be to buy the place and have his kids run it. So he called his daughter Corina and her husband Eric to see what they thought. Eric said yes right away. A couple weeks later while on vacation with their family, Eric and Corina drove up to check out the Bed & Breakfast. They instantly fell in love with the place and told her dad that they were in.  Fast forward nine months and here we are. By March 2019 three generations living and working together in an old school house having fun and getting to know wonderful people in the most amazing community.