Our menu does change quite often but we try to always have an egg dish, a pastry and fruit. All of our egg dishes are naturally gluten free. We do try to accommodate food allergies as best we can. When making your reservation be sure to let us know if you have a food allergy or dietary restriction so that we may plan best for it. 
Below are some of our food items we have served in the past. 
Cinnamon Rolls

One guest said these rolls are to die for. To us these rolls made with lots of love and care are soft, buttery, gooey goodness.
These are not gluten free.
We tend to make these when we have more than a couple guests or if someone specifically requests it. 


Imagine a warm, buttery scone with a delicate golden crust, infused with fragrant vanilla bean and dotted with plump, juicy huckleberries. As you take a bite, it crumbles ever so slightly, revealing a soft, moist interior that practically melts in your mouth. Each bite is a perfect balance of sweetness and richness, leaving you craving just one more taste.
scramble breakfast

Sample Plate

One of our famous scrambles, fruit and cinnamon rolls. We usually only do scrambles when there isn't a lot of guests. 

Sample Kids Plate

Depending on age of the child we understand that some kids just want cereal. Though we can't guarantee they will like the cereal we have, it is an option. 
bowl of cheerios


Our souffles are a lot of fun to make and best right out of the oven. These we make when there are only a couple guests. Gluten free and can be made vegetarian. This one was served with strawberry roses and raspberry almond scones. 

Norwegian Waffles

These thin fun waffles is also a small group favorite. served with fruit and usually sausage.
waffles, strawberries and eggs


We love our quiches here. We make them with a hashbrown crust. Some of our flavors are sausage, ham, broccoli and a green chili quiche.

Baked Oatmeal

Our baked oatmeal is great when we have guests with food allergies. These are gf, dairy free and vegan. We usually serve with a side of fruit.
blueberry baked oatmeal

Frank Eggs

These eggs are grandpa's twist on an eggs benedict. Instead of hollandaise sauce it is topped with fresh homemade guacamole. This is usually only made when we have one or two guests just like his omelettes.  Can be made vegetarian.
Please note that although we try to accommodate, sometimes we can only do so much and it does depend on how many other guests we have. Menus are subject to change. 

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